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Hamilton Cams Policies & Warranty Information

Hamilton Cams Policies & Warranty Information

Warranty information-

If you buy a cam from us please make sure to buy brand new tappets. If you do not buy brand new tappets (Hamilton or not) it will automatically void the warranty.

If you run out of oil and gall your cam, accept the consequences. If your cylinder head has many cracks from overheating, it is not our fault. If you tighten your 14mm head studs to the point you collapse part of the casting, put your big boy pants and accept the consequences.

Because our customers use our products in a very wide range of applications from 150-3,000hp, there is no way that we can engineer a product that will work in every application flawlessly. If you modify our products or products that work with ours, and push them to the limit, accept the consequences when they fail. To win in motorsports, you have to push the envelope. Pushing the envelope will allow you to find the limits of our products, cost you money and maybe just put you in the winners circle. If you can’t afford to go for the gold, take up stamp collecting. Motorsports are another platform for men, in most cases, to assert their dominance over their peers, improve others perception of them, make up for what they lack in the bedroom and in very few instances just have a a cool hobby. Remember this……

We are not responsible for the damage of our parts from misuse, abuse, mis-matching over-revving, poor lubrication quality or any related damage or costs incurred from the failure of our parts. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are not willing to accept this, please don’t buy our products. This is where stamp collecting comes in…. If there is an issue with the materials on any of our components, we will at our discretion, exchange the flawed components purchased from Hamilton Cams Inc. for new pieces. This is the limit of our liability. Don’t like it? We can give you the numbers of other cam manufacturers. If you port through our casting, accept it or we can refer you to a place to weld it up. Please do not threaten to file a lawsuit for porting polishing, custom valves, missed dyno time, gas to and from the Dyno or $5,000 for your trouble. If this is how you are, there are other heads on the market, please buy one of them.

Although our products can greatly reduce exhaust emission due to greater airflow , they are all off-road/race products meant for off highway use, especially in the state of California.( I feel sorry for you gear heads out there!)

I know the “about us” section sounds harsh but in the world we live in it is quite necessary. All of the above statements are written due to one knucklehead in the industry. If you are reselling our products it is your responsibility to pass this on to your customers.If you are still reading, I hope you enjoy our products. I have put a lot of time and effort into their design, and believe that they are the best in the industry! Thank you for considering us for your performance diesel needs. We are honored to serve you.


We do not offer refunds unless our part has a defect in workmanship or materials. This is not a Women’s clothing store. If you are not sure about a part, please call us before ordering. We try to keep our prices as low as we can. This means that we do not add in the additional cost of returns, refunds, etc., so that we can sell you a cam at a reasonable cost. If you have an issue and you need to get a refund, if you bought a product through Hamilton Cams, we will refund directly to you. If you buy our products through a dealer, you need to work with them.

If you are sending a camshaft back, it is your responsibility to make sure the camshaft is packed well. 50% of all of the cams people pack themselves break in shipping. Cummins cams are long and brittle. They need to be packed centered in a 6″x6″x36″ package with peanuts or foam packed tightly around them.

We offer UPS shipping.


Product information-

Welcome, and thank you for considering us for your performance diesel needs. There are quite a few changes for 2014. First we are offering free shipping on all web orders over $50.  Also, we have added nine new profiles to improve airflow for your specific application, whether you are towing 30,000lbs in the mountains, drag racing or sled pulling. For all out competition engines check out our new three pattern cams with different profiles on cylinders one and six to fix the flow imbalance they have. With over 20 different Cummins cams in stock, and ready to ship, and many other competition grinds not listed, we have the widest selection of cams to meet your specific needs from 1,500-6500RPM! Feel free to call us if you have any questions about specifications, pricing and availability on any of our products. For international orders, please call the office.

Warning: not all 24valve springs are created equal…. recently we have started seeing other companies market products that are called 110lb 24 valve springs, when in reality they have 117-119lb of seat pressure and almost 250lb nose pressure at .320 lobe lift. Also, they are designed as an entry level spring for a dodge neon, but are re-boxed and sold to the diesel crowd. This spring can cause major lobe wear to anything over a stock lift cam. ALL of our cams have more than stock lift.

For comparison, our 103lb springs have 102-104lb seat pressure and 180lb nose pressure with the 188-220. By running anything other than our 103lb 24v springs with our cam, you nullify the warranty we offer. If you run a cam with more than .320″ lobe lift and anything other than the 103lb spring you run the chance of experiencing coil bind before maximum valve lift is achieved.


Be aware-

Phone 512-355-9101 WARNING!In this lawsuit happy country we live in, nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Somebody can spill a cup of coffee on their lap and get millions while a soldier can lose a leg and get a pat on the back and a purple heart. Here at Hamilton Cams, we expect you to be a little more responsible than that. Diesels are fun to play with, they are also dangerous. Keep this in mind when you have your hand in front of an open turbo of a running truck. If it gets cut off it is YOUR fault, not the person who designed the turbo without an idiot guard. We work hard to make our products as safe as we can, as they are no more dangerous than most any part out there today. However there is somebody out there that will find a way to hurt themselves with our products.

To help keep all of the fingers on the numbskulls in the diesel community.

-Please, only have our products installed by qualified professionals wearing proper safety equipment -Make sure safety glasses and gloves are worn when installing valve springs and other dangerous components. -Only use the quality name brand valve spring compressors to install springs ie. Snap-on, Mac, Cornwell, OTC, or Craftsmen. -Please don’t inhale paint, snort controlled substances, smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, or abuse prescription medicines while operating or installing our components. 


Although our products are for off road use only, we still cannot sell or use in the state of California.